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King George is home to NSF Dahlgren, with over a century of naval weapon system research, development, and testing.

Emerging Tech Ecosystem

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Our community is home to some of the most advanced physics, mathematics, engineering, and software researchers.

AI/Autonomous R&D in King George County

King George’s Research and Development sector is primarily public sector based. However, Dahlgren’s presence has created a regional hub for tech ecosystem initiatives designed to spur innovation and generate economic activity outside the gates. NSF Dahlgren creates over 11,000 public and private sector jobs, most of which are in STEM. Companies like Simventions, Lockheed Martin, Future Technologies, Booz Allen and Hamilton, Raytheon, Technology Service Corporation, and many more have satellite offices in King George.

From a community standpoint, about 30% of Dahlgren’s workforce lives in the County and is continuing to grow. The vast majority of Naval Surface Warfare Center’s obligated federal dollars go to engineering services and manufacturing of electronics, communication, and prototyping equipment. King George offers a community where research and development expertise in a wide range of emerging technologies and industries of the future.

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