Metal & Wood Fabrication


Centrally located between Northern Neck and Fredericksburg Region’s providing ideal access to major markets and critical supply chains.

Existing Workforce

Forestry and metalworking educational programming at Rappahannock and Germanna Community Colleges offering accelerated credentialing.


A community with a legacy in metalsmithing and wood product fabrication

Metal & Wood Fabrication in King George County

King George has a thriving fabricated metal products sector with existing businesses in the community, including Commercial Metals Company, which has operated in King George for over 20 years. Total Machine LLC is a fast-growing metal fabricating company specializing in custom metalwork and welding for DoD and R&D facilities.

Wood fabrication is an emerging industry in King George; centrally located between the Northern Neck and Fredericksburg regions, there is an abundance of forestry and natural resources, making King George an ideal location to manufacture and transport finished products.

Target Industries

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Government & Defense Contracting

Specialized Agriculture

AI/Autonomous R&D

Metal & Wood Fabrication