EDA Railroad Spur and Easement

The King George Economic Development Authority owns a rail spur that services the King George Industrial Park tenants.

The spur is available to any existing or new Industrial park tenants that may require the spur for their operations.

Industrial Rail Access (RIA) Program

The Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) administers the RIA, which is subject to the approval of the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB). This program is open to businesses, municipalities, economic development entities, and railroads. The limited funding shall be used for track facilities and engineering but not for utility relocation or right‐of‐way acquisition.


  • Financial assistance to any one locality is limited to $450,000 in any one fiscal year. The grant shall be awarded based on a 70/30 split (70% Department with 30% grantee match).
  • Funds may be used to construct, reconstruct, or improve part or all of the necessary tracks and related facilities on public or private property. Funds may not be used for right-of-way acquisition or adjustment of utilities.

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Ralph Bunche High School Revitalization Zone

King George County has created a designated revitalization zone for Ralph Bunche High School, a historically Black high school that was instrumental in the desegregation of public schools across the Commonwealth of Virginia and King George County.

Revitalization District:
Ralph Bunche High School and the adjoining county-owned property consist of Tax Parcel 25-83 (ten acres more or less) and Tax Parcel 29-125 (23.8 acres more or less)

For Ralph Bunche Revitalization Project eligibility:

  1. Expenditure of either
    1. At least $100,000 in real property investments to consist of rehabilitation, reservation, or enhancement of existing structures; and
    2. At least $500,000 in expansion of existing structures or new construction; and
  2. Creation of at least four net new permanent, full-time employment positions located within the county filled within the first three years from issuance of a certificate of occupancy; and
  3. If a commercial project, investment of at least $100,000 in tangible personal property or machinery and tools to have situs at the property; and
  4. Commercial uses shall a primary be use to provide economic development, tourism, and/or community amenities, including but not limited to community centers, daycare facilities, indoor recreation facilities, office building, indoor theater, recording or broadcast studio, or indoor research and development (laboratories, research experimentation, or testing).

    Economic Incentives

    A performance agreement approved by the Board of Supervisors and County Economic Development Authority may include certain tax rebates for a term of up to ten years. Possible tax rebates subject to performance agreement may extend in whole or part to:


    1. Partial tax exemption to the general real property tax (Ordinance)
    2. Business, professional and occupational license taxes imposed by chapter 8 of the County Code, provided that rebates shall only be applicable to taxes directly attributable gross receipts associates with a new or expanded business; and/or
    3. Tangible business personal property taxes imposed by section 14-2 of the County Code; and/or
    4. Machinery and tools taxes imposed by the County Code and Code of Virginia, tit. 58.1, ch. 35, as amended, provided that rebates shall only be applicable to taxes assessed on the acquired machinery and tolls directly attributable to a new or expanded business.

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    Defense Production Zones and Technology Zones

    Proposed Areas:

    • Route 3 West Settlement Area
      • Industrial Park, Taylor Assemblage, Birchwood
    • Dahlgren District Settlement Area
    • Route 3 and 301 Settlement Area
    • Cleydael and ET Properties

    Agriculture & Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID) 

    Provides grants to localities for businesses that add value to Virginia-grown agriculture and forestry products. 

    Commonwealth’s Development Opportunity Fund (COF) 

    Provides “deal-closing” grants at the Governor’s discretion to secure a company location or expansion in Virginia. 

    Major Eligible Employer Grant Program (MEE)

    Provides grants to companies to make investments and provide a significant number of stable jobs through a significant expansion or new operation.

    Economic Development Access Program

    Provides funds to localities for road improvements needed to create adequate access for new or substanially expanding companies. 

    Virginia Economic Development Incentive Grant (VEDIG) 

    Provides grants to companies that invest and create new employment opportunities by locating significant headquarters, administrative, or service sector operations in Virginia. 

    Virginia Investment Performance Grant (VIP) 

    Provides grants to existing Virginia manufacturers or manufacturing-related research and development services that continue capital investment in the Commonwealth. 

    Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) 

    Provides services and funding to companies creating new jobs or implementing technological change to reduce human resource development costs for new companies, expanding companies and companies retraining their employees. 

    Virginia Talent Accelerator Program

    Provides world-class training and recruitment solutions that fully customized to a company’s unique operations, equipment, standards, and culture. All program services are provided at no cost to qualified new and expanding companies as an incentive for job creation. 

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