Specialized Agriculture

Existing Industry

King George is home to Hortigroup LLC a state-of-the-art greenhouse operation with over a million square feet under glass.


A rural character with a high-tech attitude, fiber optic broadband will soon be available to the most rural locations in the County.

Business Friendly

Agricultural-based businesses can enjoy a welcoming community that embraces its farming roots.

Agriculture in King George County

King George’s specialized agricultural community provides growth opportunities in greenhouses, floriculture, apiculture, and market gardens.

The County’s agricultural industry also includes Hortigroup LLC, a forty-acre greenhouse operation with international and nationally known tenants such as Bloomia (International tulip grower) Bell Nursery (Home Depot flower producer), Bonnie Plants (Herb, Plant, and Vegetable producer). Green Acres Nursery is located in King George; they are a regional nursery and lawn care product retailer.

Hortigroup LLC, a 40-acre greenhouse operation in King George County, Virginia.

King George embraces the 21st-century farm and greenhouse operations that require fiber-optic connectivity, specialized sensors, and automation to meet the demands of consumers and wholesalers. Our community is uniquely equipped to foster growth in this industry.

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Specialized Agriculture

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