King George is a part of the Northern Neck National Heritage Area, known for its agricultural and waterman heritage and being the birthplace of three U.S. Presidents.


Dining variety is scarce in King George, creating an opportunity for restauranteurs to capitalize on the appetites of local residents.


Located in a large agricultural region sourcing local produce, meats, and seafood will elevate potential restaurants and provide lower operating costs.

Restaurants in King George County

Opportunity awaits those with a passion for the food industry in King George. With its convenient proximity to both Richmond and Washington D.C., easy access to the Chesapeake Bay, and a vibrant seafood and fish culture, it’s no surprise that King George is in need of restauranteurs to chip away at locals’ and tourists’ appetite for oysters, blue crab, and more. Whether you have an idea for a luxurious high-end restaurant, fast-casual eatery or something in between, your place will be warmly welcomed by King George’s residents.

Machodoc Creek Cafe, Dahlgren, Virginia

Target Industries

Explore what King George has to offer for your new or expanding business.

Government & Defense Contracting

Specialized Agriculture

AI/Autonomous R&D

Metal & Wood Fabrication